Demolition and Site Clearing Of Former Silver Mine

Project Name:
Kelly Mine Demolition
Red Mountain, Randsberg, California

Project Details

ICS completed the demolition and site restoration of the former processing facility of the former Kelly Mine complex located in Red Mountain, California. This complex is part of the Rand Mining District and began silver mining operations from the early 1900s through the late 1980s. Several shafts are located at the complex. The United Stated Forestry Service has played a key role in mitigating this mine site with respect to public safety and interim closure.

Field Tasks

  • Coordinated the consolidation of miscellaneous drummed chemicals and fluids from past operations, including the incorporation of arsenic laden mining waste into onsite mine tailing piles
  • Demolished 20,000 square feet of concrete & wood truss. The site was cleared of all above ground processing structures
  • Work also included the removal of two ore processing ASTs and relocation of the waste by-product

Field Tasks

  • Removed various other support systems, pressure vessels, furnace ovens, and other mechanical items
  • All building materials and metal support equipment were recycled offsite to minimize off-site disposal quantities
  • All work was completed under a site specific HASP and strict “no dust” policy

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