Decommissioning & Demolition

ICS specializes in providing demolition and decontamination services for existing, abandoned, or inactive facilities and structures. Typically, facilities used for manufacturing or related industrial use, testing, waste management and waste treatment require decontamination before structural removal can begin.

Remediation of impacted soil as a result of chemical leaks, faulty or noncompliant storage tanks, or process-related issues is also often necessary to prepare a site for “clean closure” in order to facilitate a problem-free transfer of ownership or change in property use. Structural/facility demolition and decontamination services include:

  • Structural tear down
  • Building material Segregation
  • Debris removal and recycling
  • Pressure washing
  • Surface wipe-down
  • Lead paint/asbestos abatement
  • Storage tank removal
  • Clarifier/sump removals
  • Waste consolidation and disposal

Demolition of Former Silver Mine

ICS completed the demolition and site restoration of the former processing facility at the former Kelly Mine complex located in Red Mountain, California.

Demolition of Former Manufacturing Site

In Torrance, California, ICS was engaged to prepare this former manufacturing facility site for future use by demolishing existing structures and restoring the site.

Demolition of Former Auto Dealership

ICS performed the decommissioning and demolition activities at the former Board Ford auto dealership facility located in Whittier, California.

Decontamination and Demolition of Former Jet Fueling System

ICS was contracted to perform decommissioning and demolition activities for the existing jet fuel operations located on the Beale Air Force Base in Lincoln, California.

Demolition of Former Gas Station

ICS performed demolition, UST removal and hoist removal at a former service station in San Juan Capistrano, California.