Ex-Situ Remediation

Remediation of Contaminated Soil by Dig & Haul

  • Excavation, stockpiling, loading
  • Large-diameter auger soil removal
  • Slot trench excavation and /or direct
  • Removal of UXO- and NORM-impacted soil
  • Soil segregation and handling
  • Dust, vapor and odor suppression
  • Waste classification (determination)
  • Transportation and disposal of waste

Onsite Remediation of Contaminated Soil

  • Onsite thermal treatment
  • Onsite fixation/stabilization
  • Ex-situ vapor extraction
  • Enhanced bioremediation

Underground Storage Vessel Removal

  • Underground Storage Tank removal/installation
  • Clarifier/Sump removal
  • Hoist removal

Ancillary Services

  • Shoring
  • Screening/Crushing
  • Dewatering
  • Oil well abandonment
  • Aboveground Storage Tank installation

Disposal Services

  • Non-hazardous soil/debris/liquids
  • Non RCRA/RCRA/TSA waste
  • Thermal treatment/Fluid recycling incineration

Transportation Services

  • Bulk transportation of soil
  • Bulk transportation of liquids
  • Drum/tote transportation
  • Rail transportation and cargo

LAUSD High School #9

LAUSD engaged ICS to prepare this site by demolishing existing buildings and excavating, transporting and disposing of contaminated soil.

Perchlorate Remediation

ICS performed ex-situ bioremediation of over 130,000 tons of perchlorate impacted soils at a 996-acre former munitions testing facility in Santa Clarita, California.

Remediation of Manufacturing Site in El Segundo, California

ICS performed the remediation activities, including all excavating, material handling, waste management activities, and restoration, at the Honeywell Sepulveda project site located in El Segundo, California.

Creative Remediation Solution for Lead-impacted Soil

When our clients realized that lead-impacted soil was a much bigger problem than they anticipated, ICS came through with cost-saving solution.