In-Situ Remediation

Construction of Various Groundwater Extraction Systems

  • Groundwater pump & treat systems
  • Dual-phase extraction systems
  • Air-Sparge/Ozone-sparge systems
  • Bio- and chemical-injection systems
  • Free-product recovery systems
  • Vacuum-enhanced free-product recovery systems

Construction of Various Soil Gas Extraction Systems

  • Soil vapor extraction system
  • Dual-phase extraction systems

Landfill Gas and Methane Mitigation

  • Active landfill gas extraction and treatment systems
  • Passive landfill gas extraction
  • Installation of gas barriers systems

Sub-slab Ventilation and Depressurization

  • Active depressurization
  • Passive ventilation

G.E.T. System at Southern California Aerospace Plant

ICS was contracted to construct an expansion to the groundwater extraction and treatment system at a major aerospace manufacturing facility in Southern California.

Plant 42 Groundwater Extraction Treatment System

ICS installed a groundwater extraction and treatment system to remediate underlying groundwater impacted by chlorinated solvents in an active Air Force facility in Palmdale, California.

Soil Vapor Extraction System at Superfund Site

ICS constructed an interim Soil Vapor Extraction System and Sub-Slab Ventilation System located at Omega Superfund Site in Whittier, California.

Groundwater Barrier System at Coastal Refinery

Trihydro engaged ICS to install a groundwater barrier system at the marine terminal area within the Phillips 66 San Francisco Refinery in Rodeo, California.