Demolition & Decommissioning of Former Auto Dealership

Project Name:
Demolition and Site Remediation Activities
Whittier, California

Project Details

ICS performed the decommissioning and demolition activities at the former Board Ford auto dealership facility located at 15265 Whittier Boulevard in Whittier, California. Scope of work included: permitting and notifications; Health and Safety planning; asbestos abatement and universal waste removal; demolition services; removal and capping of all underground utilities; removal of above-ground and below-ground structures including grade beams, caissons, and vehicle ramps. Scope of work also included the onsite crushing of all concrete, backfill and compaction, site wide grading and final surface covering to meet the City’s “Vacant Lot” Ordinance including SWPPP and property beautification.

Field Tasks

  • Developed site specific Health & Safety Plan for all decommissioning and demolition activities
  • Acquired all required permits from the SCAQMD and the City of Whittier
  • Establish consolidation area for the removed Universal Waste Items and ACM
  • Removed all above ground Vehicle Maintenance and Warehouse Structure

Field Tasks

  • Consolidated all recyclable materials (i.e. wood, steel, brick, concrete)
  • Clarifier removal and backfill with clean imported fill soil
  • Removal of concrete slabs, footings, foundation, and unknown concrete caissons for processing and onsite crushing for eventual use as backfill material and final surface covering
  • Reconfigured the site irrigation system and reseeded surrounding parkway

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