Gas Station Demolition & Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removal

Project Name:
Demolition and Tank Removal at former Gas Station
San Juan Capistrano, California

Project Details

ICS performed the demolition of a service station including UST and hoist removal at a former gas station in San Juan Capistrano, California. The demolition effort included the removal and disposal of universal waste items; structure demolition and disposal/recycling; removal of two (2) 12,000-gallon fiberglass gasoline underground storage tanks, piping, and dispensers; removal of a single underground hydraulic lift; transportation and disposal of impacted soil; and backfill and site restoration.

Field Tasks

  • Coordinated the disconnection of existing utility services and removed and dispose of Universal Waste items (fluorescent tubes, ballasts, CFC, mercury switch) located within the service station building
  • Demolished an estimated 20,000 sq.ft of station building and surrounding hardscape including the service building, one canopy, four dispenser islands, concrete apron slabs, and existing concrete/asphalt hardscape. Aboveground demolition also included the removal of two 25” high steel posts with a“76” Ball and marquee
  • Unearthed, cleaned and disposed of the subject USTs and hydraulic lift
  • Assisted in excavation sampling for the environmental consultant
  • Conducted the supplemental excavation of TPH/VOC impacted soil as directed by consultant
  • Imported an estimated 500 tons of quarry produced screened fill soil
  • Provided certified compaction of all overburden and imported fill at a minimum of 90% density
  • Transport 400 tons of non-hazardous TPOH/VOC impacted soil to a thermal treatment recycling facility
  • Provided a final surface covering by applying a soil stabilizer to reduce storm erosion and dust generation

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