Landfill Storm Water Drainage Basin Construction

Project Name:
Landfill Storm Water Drainage Basin Construction, Conveyance Piping & Gabion Baskets
Simi Valley, California
Specialty Civil/Geotechnical Construction

Project Details

Waste Management contracted ICS to construct three individual drainage basins, installation of conveyance piping, and construction of a gabion basket structure at the Simi Valley landfill. The storm water features were constructed as a means to assist Waste Management with control of storm water within the property boundaries, prior release to off-site sources.

Field Tasks

  • Demolition of existing / old drainage features, including concrete drainage channels, CSP piping and risers, and abandonment of in-place drainage lines
  • Clear and grub of existing vegetation and haul to active landfill placement area
  • Mass excavation and fill placement to achieve design grades
  • Installation of over 400-ft of 48-inch CSP and 150-ft plus of 36-inch CSP
  • Installation of 75-ft of 6-inch perforated CSP encased with aggregate and a non-woven geotextile (burrito-wrap collector)
  • Construction of one (1) 36-inch riser, (1) 48-inch riser, and one (1) 48-inch drop inlet structures

Field Tasks

  • Installation of concrete spillways, concrete swales, concrete curbing and block splash walls
  • Construction of gabion basket walls, supported by concrete anchored bollards
  • Installation of 2400-ft plus of 24-inch corrugated HDPE piping, connecting the top deck inlet to the northeast drainage basin
  • Submission of final as-built drawings

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