Slope Stabilization at MacArthur Air Force Base

Project Name:
Southeast Slope Stabilization
San Pedro, California
Specialty Civil/Geotechnical Construction

Project Details

Lakeshore Toltest subcontracted ICS to remediate a ¼ mile soil slope separating Fort MacArthur AFB from adjacent Port of Los Angeles property. Construction included removal of all vegetative material, excavation of all loose/unstable soil within the native soil portion of the wall, mass excavation/removal of impacted “end‐dump soil” that had been installed as a temporary soil buttress, and installation of a soil nail wall with reinforced structural steel and shotcrete. In addition to remedial grading activities and excavation, ICS transported and disposed (T&D) of over 20,000 cubic yards of impacted soil. Although ICS was working off of construction drawings, the final subgrade locations were unknown. To address this challenge, ICS worked closely with the geologist on record to identify these limits so the project could be built according to the specifications provided.

Field Tasks

  • Removal of existing vegetative material
  • Exploratory test pitting along the ¼‐mile long side‐slope to determine limits of grading
  • Removal and disposal of loose/unsuitable soil from existing native slope
  • Excavation and T & D of 20,000 plus cubic yards of impacted soil
  • Final side‐slope grading in preparation of soil nail wall
  • Installation of initial flash‐coat Shotcrete and initial wire mesh
  • Installation of structural steel and Shotcrete
  • Installation of architectural layer, resembling existing strata lines for the original wall patterns
  • Installation of 14 storm‐water inlet structures and associated piping
  • Final grading along the bottom of wall area to promote proper drainage patterns

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