Waste Transfer Station Water Quality Improvements

Project Details

Waste Management contracted ICS to construct new storm water control systems and c construct new storm water features at two (2) of their waste transfer stations. The storm water features included several types of diversion systems, bio-swales, filters and bio-filter socks. Overall construction assisted Waste Management with storm water control and filtration within the property boundaries, prior release to off-site sources.

Field Tasks

  • Demolition of existing / old drainage features
  • Removal of approx. 1400 LF of existing ductile iron piping (roof drain pipes) from rooftop of loading facility
  • Installation of approx. 1400 LF of new pvc piping along rooftop of loading facility
  • Installation of two (2) 8-inch wide trench drain systems

Field Tasks

  • Installation of concrete precast structure with 500gal/min submersible pump
  • Installation of numerous bioclean downspouts, inlet filters and Filtrexx filters
  • Construction of concrete rolled berms to divert storm water
  • Construction of new concrete drive

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