Ex-Situ Bioremediation on 996 Acres

Project Name:
Perchlorate Remediation
Santa Clarita, California
In-Situ Remediation

Project Details

ICS was engaged to perform ex-situ bioremediation of over 130,000 tons of perchlorate impacted soils at a 996-acre former munitions testing facility in Santa Clarita, California. Upon mobilization, ICS constructed a 5-acre expansion to an existing 3-acre treatment pad and installed more than 4,800 feet of water line to supply water to the site. An on-site treatment system was installed to mix perchlorate impacted soils with amendments to promote anaerobic conditions and stimulate microorganisms to reduce perchlorate into non-harmful components. The scope of work includes excavation, loading, and transport of over 130,000 tons of soil to the on-site treatment plant and the resulting loading, transport, and backfilling of the treated soils.
  • Constructed a 5 acre expansion of an asphalt treatment pad lined with a 30-MIL geotextile membrane
  • Installation of 4,800 feet of 3-inch HDPE water line to provide water to the site for both the treatment system and on-site dust control
  • Protection of excavation areas and treatment pad expansion from erosion and rain damage with necessary BMPs and SWPPP controls
  • Provided dedicated dust control for the 996-acre Site, including the installation of a 12,000 gallon water tower to support dust suppression efforts
  • Ex-situ bioremediation of over 130,000 tons of perchlorate impacted soils
  • Excavation, loading, transport, and stockpiling of 51,000 cubic yards of clean overburden soils
  • Engineering and Permitting of Shoring Systems to achieved excavation depths of 20 feet below ground surface
  • Developed and implemented a Site-specific Health and Safety Plan
  • Development of Job Hazard Analyses, documentation and sharing of Near-Misses, and daily safety tailgate meetings to mitigate the potential for on-site injuries
  • All work is being performed under the jurisdiction of the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC)

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