Remediation and Restoration of Former Manufacturing Site

Project Name:
Honeywell El Segundo
El Segundo, California
Ex-Situ Remediation, Specialty Civil/Geotechnical

Project Details

ICS performed the remediation activities, including all excavating, material handling, waste management activities, and restoration, at the Honeywell Sepulveda project site located in El Segundo, California. Through various assessment and site investigation at the site, an estimated 40,000 cubic yards of soil was shown to contain concentrations of various pesticides, PCBs, VOCs, TPH and heavy metals which required removal for future site redevelopment. ICS excavated, transported and disposed of 3,250 tons of TENORM impacted soil to a State of California Class I hazardous waste disposal facility. The ICS scope also included the overall management and disposal of impacted soil, as well as controlling visible emissions, odor, fugitive dust, onsite and offsite traffic control, profiling and waste manifesting, health & safety, and overall soils management requirements.

Field Tasks

  • Provided for all permitting (City of El Segundo – Grading and Traffic and SCAQMD)
  • Designed Shoring System and provided for the installation and removal for the protection of adjacent active railroad tracks for soil excavation activities
  • Provided for waste profiling of various non‐hazardous, Non‐RCRA Hazardous, RCRA Hazardous and TENORM characterized soil
  • Excavated and direct loaded an estimated 40,000 cubic yards of impacted soil
  • Provide for SCAQMD monitoring during all excavation and loading activities
“Your knowledge, honesty and integrity gave me great comfort during a very complex construction project. All in all, it has been the most pleasant construction experience I have ever encountered.”

Field Tasks

  • Provided transportation and disposal of waste streams to Honeywell approved disposal facilities
  • Imported 30,000 tons of clean fill to the excavation areas, placed and compacted al fill to meet the site’s approved grading plan
  • Installed the necessary SWPPP measures and vegetative cap via hydroseed (City approved mix) on all disturbed areas (excavation, laydown and haul roads)
  • Project was completed over a 3 month duration with no incidents or complaints. A total of 30,000 man hours were
    worked without a single health and safety incident.

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