US Air Force Plant 42 Groundwater Extraction Treatment System

Project Name:
Groundwater Extraction Treatment System
Location: Palmdale, California
In-Situ Remediation

Project Details

ICS installed a groundwater extraction and treatment system to remediate underlying groundwater impacted by chlorinated solvents in an active Air Force facility in Palmdale CA. The conveyance piping and extraction well vaults were installed in a taxiway area and aircraft parking area.

Field Tasks

  • Installed approximately 4,000 feet of HDPE extraction pipeline from three groundwater extraction wells
  • Trench work performed under stringent dust control and FOD control protocols set forth by the Air Force
  • Saw, cut and removed 12-inch thick concrete in taxiway and aircraft parking areas
  • Installed aircraft rated well vaults and set 5-HP submersible pumps to a depth of 300 feet
  • Provided new 480V-200 amp service
“This project could not have been executed any better… Your team were exceptional communicators and when we encountered change of conditions due to unknown underground obstructions, were quick to offer solutions that kept the project on schedule.”
Senior Project Manager, CH2M Hill

Field Tasks

  • Routed all conveyance piping, electrical and control wiring from extraction wells back to new treatment compound
  • Constructed new 1,100 square foot reinforced containment pad with chain link security fence
  • Treatment system consisted of three (3) 5,000-gallon poly tanks, bag filters, transfer pumps and two 5,000 lb activated carbon vessels.
  • Provided treatment system controls and instrumentation with PLC control panel center with telemetry and alarms

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