Turnkey PFAS Water Treatment System Construction

Project Name: Irvine Ranch Water District Well OPA-1 PFAS Water Treatment System
Location: Orange, CA
Type: PFAS Water Treatment System
Value: $3,485,000

Project Details

ICS was retained to carry out Orange County Water District’s PFAS Water Treatment Plant Improvement project in Orange, CA. The project is being built for the Irvine Ranch Water District and serves the City of Orange community with roughly 3 million gallons of clean drinking water per day. The scope work includes the installation of (4) 20,000 lb. liquid phase vessels that contain a combination of Ion Exchange (IX) resin and Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) to treat the water followed by connecting the water treatment system to the existing well and distribution systems. ICS is in the process of completing the project by carrying out all paving and site improvements as well electrical and instrumentation, commissioning, and start up services

Field Tasks

  • Removed existing well pump and performed brushing, bailing and video existing well casing followed by well pump modifications, proper storage of pump materials to prevent damage, and reinstallation of the well pump.
  • Demolished existing residential building and features, including removal of lead and asbestos containing materials.
  • Furnished and installed necessary piping, valves, filter vessels, and other appurtenances to assure a functioning system.
  • Furnished and installed water treatment plant structural concrete.
  • Took delivery of and installed District furnished Dual Media Pressure Vessel PFAS water treatment systems at IRWD’s OPA-1 well site including pressure testing, disinfection, and bacteria testing.
  • Furnished and installed prefilter systems for IX systems including filter media.
  • Coordinated delivery of and installed District furnished Ion Exchange (IX) resin into Dual Media Pressure Vessels.
  • Connected the water treatment systems to the existing well and distribution systems followed by furnishing and installing epoxy lined and coated and cement mortar lined and coated pipelines from the wells to the water treatment systems and from the water treatment systems to the distribution system points of connection.
  • In the process of completing all paving and site improvements including, but not limited to earthwork, grading, concrete paving, asphalt paving, CMU wall, motorized rolling gate, driveway apron, and drainage at the OPA-1 well site.
  • Furnished and installed and/or modified electrical and instrumentation equipment and facilities at the well site for the new water treatment systems and pumps followed by integration of the control systems with the existing SCADA system.
  • Provided all commissioning and start-up-services followed by area landscaping.

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