Turnkey Wastewater Treatment System Construction for Food Manufacturing Facility

Project Name: Pulmuone Foods USA Wastewater Treatment Plant
Location: Fullerton, CA
Type: Water/Wastewater Treatment System Construction
Value: $2,220,258

Project Details

Construction of a wastewater treatment plant at a tofu factory in Fullerton, CA to separate solid waste and filter process water for storm drain discharge. The scope of work included the installation of 1,600 square feet of beam and plate shoring, excavation, and forming and placing of 150 cubic yards of concrete for a 40,000-gallon equalization and sludge tank. ICS was responsible for the erection of the structural steel mezzanine followed by the installation of pumps, chemical storage tanks, chemical dosing pumps, moving bed biofilm reactor tanks, and associated electrical components.

Field Tasks

  • Performed concrete sawcutting and demolition of concrete ramps, pavement, walls, stairs and bollards.
  • Excavated, shored, and scarified the wet well subgrade.
  • Placed and compacted aggregate base under the wet well slab and tank slab/slab on grade (SOG).
  • Installed 18” and 30” diameter cast-in-drilled-hole (CIDH) piles.
  • Installed concrete wet well which included over 4,000 square feet of formwork, setting rebar, installing anchors, pouring concrete, stripping forms and applying cure for the tank slab, walls, and deck.
  • Formed and placed rebar followed by pouring and stripping the 5,000-psi concrete slab for two 25’ diameter moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) tanks.
  • Formed the SOG/deepened footings, set the SOG/edge footing rebar, and installed trench drains and structural steel embeds.
  • Installed structural steel mezzanine, including Robinson decking and a lightweight concrete finish surface.
  • Installed three 75 horsepower (HP) aeration and two 30 HP agitation blowers, including 140 linear feet (LF) of stainless-steel piping up to 8”, valves, and instruments.
  • Installed various process equipment, including six submersible sump pumps, two sludge pumps, two 16 HP recirculating pumps, chemical dosing system, screw press, and dissolved air flotation (DAF) clarifier.
  • Installed over 2,700 LF of interior process piping up to 16”, valves, and equipment throughout plant floor, inside MBBR tanks, and inside wet well tanks.
  • Constructed emergency stairs and restoration of perimeter concrete paving around the plant.
  • Performed demolition of existing process piping and equipment.

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